I help women with Endocrine conditions lose and maintain weight loss through a sustainable lifestyle that targets insulin resistance and inflammation.

Have you been told to just lose the 

You don't have to travel this road alone.

When you are struggling with an Endocrine condition like Diabetes or PCOS, it can feel like a never-ending battle with not only yourself but your health. I've worked with many women who just simply need a hand to hold and guide them to healthier habits and choices so that they can finally get control of their health, weight, and energy.

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You can work with me in two ways: one on one or in a small group setting.


Let's get straight to it and jump on a quick call so I can guide you through how I can help you.

What others are saying about our time together.

"Working with Emily Timm has provided invaluable learning in my 38-year journey with Type 1 Diabetes. She contributed invaluable insight and knowledge into blood sugar management and nutrition while exhibiting empathy and care. I learned more from the time I spent with her about managing my diabetes than any other dietitian or Diabetes Educator I have encountered over my many years of living with diabetes. I encourage you to do whatever you can to work with Emily as it will be beneficial to how you deal with a chronic illness."



Empowering women to live their healthiest lives has been a dream of mine for many years! I started this virtual practice during the pandemic because I saw the healthcare system starting to fail people. I saw a need for telehealth and every day new information was coming out about risk factors for COVID with the common denominator being: underlying chronic health conditions. People are waking up to the fact that our lives were spiraling from busy to overwhelming. This time to slow down can be used as an opportunity to improve your health and rebuild the framework of your life from the ground up.